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Healthcare connected technology

Using Salesforce to meet the demands of your healthcare business

Building and maintaining a successful healthcare business is a tall order. Relationships are key but how do you grow relationships with your patients when virtual …

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Why healthcare providers need a 360-degree view of patients

The face of patient care is constantly changing, and while healthcare providers are often quick to adopt new technologies and procedures to support that care, …

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4 questions for healthcare organization before implementing CRM

At Redpath we’re seeing more and more healthcare companies adopting CRM technologies every day and realizing the very real value these systems offer. We’re also …

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How can your CRM system make your marketing team more agile?

Agility: That’s the name of the game in business today. And you know what? It’s the name of the game in healthcare, and any industry …

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Adding healthcare to our capabilities

We want to prove to the healthcare and life sciences industry that security and agility are not mutually exclusive. We believe CRM can play an important …

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Redpath knows how to find the details

Simplified healthcare solutions through Salesforce Health Cloud

In healthcare the chance for a positive outcome improves dramatically when you have all the facts. In principle that sounds simple, right? Yet in many …

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