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When most people think of grants, they think of applying for and being a recipient of one. But when it comes to nonprofit organizations, Grants Management is inclusive of the management of funds available to disburse, supporting entities interested in applying for funds, reviewing applicants, and ultimately awarding or denying the ask.

Redpath can help a nonprofit or foundation (private or public) set up Salesforce to help track and manage the details around Grants Management.

Every grant-making organization needs to know:

  • Who — the individual or organization — that applied for funding
  • The amount the organization applied for
  • Amount awarded (or not)

Of course, there are many other data points that Salesforce can also record, but these are required with Salesforce’s Grant Management or Outbound Funds setup, and most likely for all organizations.

Looking for more ways Salesforce and Redpath can help with Grants Management? Dive in to learn how we can help your organization with a database to manage requests all the way through to reviewing applications, to collecting reports to knowing when to distribute funds.

Salesforce CRM implementation for nonprofit grant management Redpath Consulting Minneapolis MN

Salesforce by nature is a CRM (constituent relationship management) system where an organization can track the people and organizations they interact with. When NPSP is installed in Salesforce, another layer of functionality is added to the platform that allows donations to be recorded. It can also track board or committee members. Certain nonprofits and/or foundations also have a mission to disburse money out in the form of grants, scholarships, or other support. Salesforce has a solution (or two!) to support that as well! Using Salesforce as your organization’s CRM provides the 360-degree view that many organizations and staff desire.

Salesforce grant management implementation redpath consulting minneapolis mn

Salesforce’s Outbound Funds Module provides the baseline data model to track the individuals and organizations requesting support from a grant. Funding programs can be created to meet your organization’s mission — that could be planning for 5% distribution via a specific fund or funding to support a specific interest or geographic area. Funding requests linked to the program allow a complete view of the big financial picture. Related to each request, a list of contacts and their roles can be recorded, such as applicant, financial contact, and more. Requirements linked to the request can help identify what the applicant may need to provide,  such as mid-year reports, to receive a financial disbursement.

Salesforce CRM consulting for grant management nonprofits from Redpath Consulting in Minneapolis MN

Salesforce’s Grants Management package improves upon the Outbound Funds objects by adding additional functionality. This enhanced functionality includes creating a community for applicants to apply online along with the ability to run verification checks. A third party form app can also be incorporated to capture funding requisitions and reports with the base Outbound Funds Module.

Salesforce for grant management nonprofits redpath consulting minneapolis mn

It’s vital that your organization has complete visibility to your data. Salesforce reports make it easy! Salesforce provides many pre-built reports, but you also have the ability to create your own reports custom to a department or organization. Imagine how impactful it would be if you could generate a current or former board or committee report, identify the types of entities who received grants the past year(s), determine who has outstanding reports due, or what upcoming payments are scheduled.

Reach out to Redpath to learn more about Grants Management with Salesforce.

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