Transforming Customer Engagement with Salesforce Service Cloud + Experience Cloud

A Big Acquisition Leads to a Messy Platform

A leading provider of software solutions to healthcare organizations recently found themselves in a sticky situation. They had just acquired two other companies and realized that each company had its own Salesforce customer-facing Experience Cloud coupled with Service Cloud, leading to a variety of challenges involving integrating the two companies’ customer service options into their own setup.

For one, the healthcare software provider’s existing Experience Cloud site was dated and confusing to its customers and could not easily incorporate new content such as single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and chat capabilities in Experience Cloud, both of which were offered by the acquired companies.

Additionally, each Salesforce instance was a tangled web of member-based and login-based Experience Cloud licenses with no relation to customer usage, and categorization and location of product-specific content were inconsistent across the three Salesforce instances. Customers were left in a usability and login quagmire and could not easily find content related to their subscribed products.

Lastly, a complex user security model meant that managing users from inside their community was rendered incredibly difficult, inefficient, and labor-intensive, wasting time and money on a process that should be fairly straightforward.

A Streamlined and User-Friendly Salesforce Solution

Recognizing the need for a significant rework of their current offering, this healthcare software provider partnered with Redpath Consulting Group to transform their competing Experience Cloud and Service Cloud systems into one that is intuitive, engaging, and positioned for future growth. 

Redpath coordinated with multiple internal and third parties with differing goals into a singular vision to launch a vastly improved Experience Cloud plus Service Cloud solution, including a thorough discovery to select best-in-class Salesforce user experience features and navigational best practices in a reimagined Experience Cloud. 

To help clean up the confusion resulting from the acquisitions, Redpath helped successfully transition SSO Experience Cloud access for the acquired companies’ solutions into the healthcare software provider’s core Salesforce instance, as well as implemented a hybrid model for Experience Cloud license management that automatically updates user license type based on customer usage. A simplified security model combined with the cost savings on licensing resulted in lower administrative costs and reduced complexity for handling future company acquisitions, and a system empowering Experience Cloud super users to self-service their own accounts further reduced administration time and saved on labor costs.

A wholly new and intuitive Experience Cloud user interface helped engage and encourage customers to explore new areas and create upsell opportunities for Sales, while a custom ‘My Preferences’ lightning component was created to allow customers to select the products they want to engage with via articles, events, and discussion groups, giving the organization the enhancements necessary to promote and track customer engagement with their products to create higher customer satisfaction and see greater use. Customer super users were also implemented, allowing them to manage their own company’s users, review reports on their company’s user activity, and manage cases. 

Finally, SSO solutions from acquired companies were added to the healthcare software provider’s Experience Cloud offering, paving the way for 20 of their products to leverage this technology in a streamlined user experience. And when questions or hiccups did arise, a new queue-based chat routing system directed customers to open a chat session with service agent specialists spanning these 20 different product areas.

Redpath helped this healthcare software provider leverage the full power of Salesforce Experience Cloud and Service Cloud to better engage with their customers and position them for future growth, both internally or through the acquisition of new companies. The healthcare software provider realized significant benefits that helped reduce administrative costs, increase sales opportunities, and smooth out the entire customer experience. 

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Published On: July 14, 2022

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