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As your organization evolves, so must your processes and technology. But how? Technology is paramount, and in order to support your organization’s mission, technology must be an enablement tool for your team and processes. Determining how to augment your team with technology can be a difficult task. 

Through Redpath’s Path to Success, we help organizations like yours leverage technology with Salesforce implementations to achieve your vision. By taking a people-and-process-first approach, Redpath will work with your organization to make informed and data-driven decisions by aligning the right technology with your vision. The result yields a blueprint for success that increases alignment, reduces risks and allows you to plan the best Salesforce implementation timeline and budget.

Technology, governance, change management and defining success are all critical to a successful outcome, but aligning your people and processes, establishing a vision for success and implementing that plan can be difficult. This is why we leverage a successful blueprint approach, known as the Path to Success, to understand your current technology landscape, the things you love about it and what you wish could change. We do this across your team, hearing from members at every level, to gain a clear understanding.

Salesforce success solutions from Redpath Consulting minneapolis mn

Working together, we help you create a technology blueprint that scales with you as you grow. Through surveys, discovery workshops and system audits, our team will identify and define:

  • CRM Vision
  • Success Metrics & KPIs
  • Current State (people, process, technology, data needs)
  • Future State (people, process, technology, data needs)

At the conclusion of the Path to Success, our team works to consolidate all of the gained knowledge into a roadmap and solution summary which defines your path forward.

Our goal is to create thriving partnerships with our clients built on the foundation of transparency and trust. Let us help you define your CRM vision and design a framework that allows you to scale Salesforce as you grow.

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