7 Reasons to Work With a Small Business

There’s a saying you’ve likely heard many times: bigger is better. But is it really true? If you get an ice cream cone that is four times what you actually want or need, is that truly better? Regardless of the item, if you’re getting more and possibly spending more on anything, is bigger really better? Perhaps quality is better than quantity?

The same holds true when you’re selecting a business partner. As we celebrate #SmallBusinessWeek this week, here are seven reasons to consider working with a small business, like Redpath Consulting Group:

# 1 — Emphasis on Transformative Innovation
Small businesses likely exist because larger companies are not serving customers effectively. Many large companies offer the same “out of the box” solutions, whereas a small business can take a unique, customized approach to every engagement.

7 reasons to work with a small business, Redpath

#2 — Creativity and Innovation
Small businesses can win through creativity. A small company can react faster, build creative solutions and still stay within scope. Customers are not just another number to them.

#3 — Custom Approach
Small businesses can offer a more personalized and tailored service. With larger businesses, there is often a “one size fits all, “do it our way” mentality. Small businesses take the time to get to know the potential customer, evaluating their business problem and then offering a solution that fits their unique needs.

#4 — Flexibility
Small businesses can offer more flexibility and less bureaucracy. They can engage more quickly and in different ways to meet your changing needs.

#5 — Customer Satisfaction
Small businesses provide a white-glove level of engagement that most large corporations aren’t structured or can’t afford to provide. Small businesses can’t afford or accept an unhappy customer!

#6 — Adaptability
Business is all about people, and small businesses have the advantage of getting to know each and every client really well. They have the ability to provide a one-on-one, personalized experience that customers really value. They can also quickly adapt to changing needs.

#7 — Passion With Purpose
Successful small businesses have no shortage of passion. When they connect with a customer’s passion, the energy accelerates and empowers customers to get the impact they need. These are truly empowered partnerships.

Ready to see what’s possible working with a small business? Redpath can simplify your Salesforce solution, accelerate your mission and transform what’s possible. Let’s talk!

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Published On: May 3, 2022

About the Author: Paul Selway

Paul is the president and co-founder of Redpath. He works with prospects and customers to help them imagine their future with a Salesforce solution. He was born in England and hails from the Redpath clan in Scotland.