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Salesforce Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Modern healthcare is an incredibly demanding industry that relies heavily on gathering, collating and disseminating secure data to facilitate effective care. Salesforce provides solutions that seamlessly connect patients, providers, insurance, pharma and medtech to help produce the highest possible standard of care.

Redpath can show you how the various “building blocks” of Salesforce connect and communicate together to offer the best data and care management solutions.

  • Enable 1-to-1 engagement between healthcare stakeholders

  • Personalize engagement to improve outcomes and reduce costs

  • Help patients take ownership of their health and care plans with reminders and workflows that connect them to providers on any digital device

  • Improve communications between patients and care providers

  • Facilitate collaboration between patients, payers and sales teams

Health Cloud connects healthcare data systems to seamlessly organize and share data to facilitate better care management and improve communication between patients and care management team members. Redpath can show you how Salesforce solutions can bring your data together to eliminate the gaps and bottlenecks in your processes, resulting in increased revenue and improved health outcomes for patients and members.

Redpath consulting salesforce crm for healthcare providers minneapolis mn

Personalize your patient-provider connections with enhanced communication channels. Grow your practice through patient outreach and referrals. Give physicians access to patient-centric data, care provider communications, biometric data, patient healthcare schedules and more so they can offer more coordinated care.

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Offer enhanced options for members and providers. Improve provider relationships through onboarding and provider services. Improve member engagement by managing inquiries, wellness programs, care management and utilization.

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Medical device crm salesforce implementation solutions redpath consulting minneapolis mn

Medical device manufacturers build their business through improved relationships with providers and patients. Health Cloud and Salesforce cloud solutions help create and maintain these relationships through patient and provider support, product information accessibility, in-house and field sales and marketing. Leverage Salesforce Health Cloud to bridge the gap between your med device operations and patient experience.

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CRM salesforce software solutions for medical devices health care redpath consulting minneapolis, mn

Health Cloud supports the Pharmaceutical industry from end-to-end, starting with drug development and early stage trials through manufacturing, marketing and selling the final product. Salesforce also enhances the provider and consumer experiences through education and support systems.

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Redpath and Salesforce – Your Healthcare & Life Science Partners

Redpath specialists are not focused on selling software – we work hard to understand the challenges you face and help to craft the best solution possible, using world-class, award-winning Salesforce CRM and care management solutions. Salesforce core components including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud and Health Cloud can become true building blocks for your healthcare organization’s success.

The Salesforce Health Cloud CRM is a superior way to handle patient data, enhance and simplify communication and build better, stronger patient-provider relationships. With better personalized care, your healthcare organization can enjoy increased revenue and improved care outcomes. Contact the Redpath team of specialists today to schedule a consultation.

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