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Today, the need for nonprofits and the programs and services they provide are more important than ever. The increased demand for services has created a heavy strain on staff, systems, time, and resources. To rise to the occasion, nonprofits are seeking ways to become more accessible to their clients, better partner with other service providers, optimize staff time, and demonstrate their impact to the community and stakeholders.

With Redpath as your Salesforce partner, we can provide service-oriented nonprofits with an efficient and scalable Salesforce customization to better deliver on their mission.

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With a higher demand than ever, it is increasingly important to create service offerings that are both easy and equitable to access. That means, providing multiple methods to get your message out and bring clients in.

With Salesforce’s digital engagement solutions like Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), you can broadcast your message through mobile, social, and email, whether it be appointment reminders, broadcasting community announcements, or inviting clients to new services. With robust analytics, you can decipher when and where your audience is more responsive to create more impactful and effective communication.

Furthermore, with Salesforce’s Experience Cloud, you can give your clients a mobile-friendly, one-stop-shop to engage with your team of care providers. From scheduling appointments, collaborating on care plans, and requesting services, your clients will be able to engage with you quickly and easily without the back and forth of phone calls and drop-in visits.

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Your staff are the boots on the ground delivering on your nonprofit’s mission every day. Their passion for their community and specialized skills are critical to meeting the needs of your clients. With increased demand on their time and an ever-growing client list, it is critical to focus their time on their services, not administrative tasks.

Leveraging Nonprofit Case Management from Salesforce, Redpath can help alleviate non-impact driving tasks like manual data entry, cross referencing multiple systems to deliver care, and the time-consuming challenge of prioritizing their many efforts and clients.

Indeed, your staff can not only reduce their administrative time behind the scenes, the right Salesforce integration can enable them to deliver their services faster and more efficiently. With online scheduling for clients—a portal for case managers to share a client’s care plan, text messaging, and more—your team can deliver on your mission while reducing administrative time and overhead.

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Leveraging the right Salesforce integration to manage your programs and services allows you to easily measure your impact. By centralizing your operational system in Salesforce, all the data you need to assess and measure your services is already in one place. This means you don’t have to use a VLOOKUP to pull together data from multiple systems or rely exclusively on single stories to convey how critical your nonprofit is to the community.

Salesforce’s easy click-and-drag interface makes building reports and dashboards a breeze, reducing the time you spend proving your impact and increasing the time you spend making your impact.

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