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As the students that colleges and universities serve change, so must the services they provide. Students need to easily find the services and support they need without walking across campus to financial aid only to learn they needed to meet with student billing. Advisors need data quickly to be able to proactively intervene when a student’s goal of graduation is at risk. With Redpath as your Salesforce implementation partner, your students can feel better connected and supported in a hybrid learning environment and your advisors can be better empowered to engage students at the right time.

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While you offer numerous specialized support services and offerings for your students, navigating what is available to them can be a challenge. Whether they get conflicting information from various offices or just don’t know where or whether they can find support, you need a better way to help students navigate not only campus but a hybrid learning environment to get the support they need. With Salesforce’s Student Success Hub students have access to a mobile-friendly portal that can guide them to the right resources based on their needs, clearly see which advisors are assigned to work with them, and review their success plans. Furthermore, with Salesforce you can leverage multichannel communication to engage your students effectively via their preferred platform, whether it be email, sms or social.

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Beyond making students aware of the services available to them, you need to build strong connections to them, particularly with a new focus on a virtual or hybrid learning environment. With the Student Success Hub your students can schedule on-campus or virtual meetings with their advisors without the back and forth of email. Additionally your advisors can collaborate on a student’s success plans to ensure they meet their objectives successfully, like applying to study abroad, enrolling in an honors program, getting additional scholarship funding or graduating on time.

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Advisors are a critical support for students to achieve graduation. However, without a clear picture of how students are performing, advisors are unable to intervene proactively when a student may need help. With Salesforce as your CRM and Redpath as your implementation partner, we can provide your advisors with the time sensitive information they need to engage students proactively. By integrating other campus solutions your advisors can be made aware quickly when a student misses class or receives a low grade. Advisors can have a one stop shop to see the full picture of their students, allowing the to prioritize quickly based on which students may need the most help, and allowing them to pick up where they left off with each student thanks to a complete picture of past meetings, emails, success plans, and alerts of retention risks.

Contact us at Redpath to learn more about how a Salesforce customization can improve student engagement and outcomes at your institution.

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