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Your fundraising team works hard to raise the funds needed to support the mission of your organization. You’re writing grants, meeting with donors, planning events, and more. You need to move beyond a database that simply tracks all of the information you gather about your work to a database that functions as a central work tool, allowing your whole team to efficiently collaborate and gain a full 360° view of your donors and their engagements with your organization.

You need a system that is flexible enough to track the data points that are important to you, and the ability to report on that data in the way that your stakeholders need to see it. At Redpath, we take the time to fully understand your processes and goals and work together to create Salesforce solutions that help you accomplish those goals.

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Whether your donors are sending their donations through third party giving tools, online donation pages, or simply sending a check through the mail, we’ll work with you to configure Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to work for the specific needs of your organization. Your grant writing team can leverage the NPSP package as well to stay ahead of their deliverables as they move through the full grant application lifecycle.

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Reporting on the effectiveness of your appeals becomes a breeze. The right Salesforce integration allows campaigns to be configured to give you up-to-date information about who is engaging with your specific appeals and track the ROI as you move through each campaign/appeal.

redpath consulting salesforce crm solutions for fundraising minneapolis mn

With Redpath as your partner, we can enable your team to focus on your donors: who they are, what drives them, and how they wish to be engaged in your mission. With NPSP, you can not only track who your donors are, but you can build deeper relationships. Leverage your engagement plans to take you through a prescribed process of engaging constituents toward a goal. Manage the entire process with a marketing automation system that allows you to take your donors and constituents on a communication journey customized specifically for each of them. With Redpath as your Salesforce partner, we can help your team realize its full fundraising potential.

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