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Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Now more than ever, nonprofits and foundations form the lifeblood of our communities. The needs for services and outreach in communities has never been greater and the nonprofit fundraising landscape and resources ever-changing. In order to adapt and deliver to these rapidly growing needs, organizations have adopted siloed point solutions. However these solutions quickly create barriers to internal collaboration and external engagement.

Leaders need to identify new and innovative ways to increase community engagement, drive awareness, engage donors, and tap into alternative funding streams. All of this requires revamping business processes and implementing new client and donor-centric, digital-first technology to enable the outcomes your nonprofit is striving to attain.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is designed to meet the needs of today’s nonprofits. Redpath’s dedicated team of Nonprofit consultants help implement and customize your Salesforce solutions to meet the needs of your clients, volunteers, donors, and staff.

CRM salesforce solutions for nonprofit organizations redpath consulting minneapolis mn

Donors and funders are key audiences to a nonprofit, providing the funding needed to keep your organization running. You need to be able to focus on your donors; who they are, what drives them, and how they wish to be engaged in your mission. When partnering with Redpath to implement Nonprofit Cloud’s suite of solutions, you cannot only track who your donors are but you can build deeper relationships and drive more meaningful engagements.

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Redpath salesforce consulting for nonprofit organizations minneapolis mn

With your organization’s programs in high demand, it is increasingly important to create service offerings that are both easy and equitable to access. To rise to the occasion nonprofits are seeking ways to become more accessible to their clients, better partner with other service providers, optimize staff time, and demonstrate their impact to the community and stakeholders.

With Redpath as your partner, Salesforce provides service-oriented nonprofits with an efficient and scalable solution to better deliver on their mission. Leveraging Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce, Redpath can help your organization focus less on administrative work and more on delivering on your mission.

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Custom salesforce CRM for nonprofit organizations redpath consulting minneapolis MN

Many nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers to meet the demands of their mission. How you communicate with them and track their involvement is key. Volunteers are gifting the community their time, and it is vital to keep them both engaged and motivated.

At Redpath, we take the time to fully understand your volunteer engagement, management, and reporting needs. We’ll then work with you to recommend and build a solution that’s just right for your organization.

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Salesforce CRM implementations for nonprofit organizations redpath consulting minneapolis mn

For private and community foundations that offer grants, Redpath can show you how to use Salesforce to manage the many components that are included with providing grants. Salesforce gives you the ability to track disbursement of funds, track the grants being offered, manage the application process, and provide your grantees a way to submit reports or other requirements to meet funding milestones.

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Redpath is Your CRM Specialist

Redpath’s nonprofit team understands that the mission of your organization is of paramount importance. Coming from a career history in the nonprofit sector, our team is passionate about the impact nonprofits have in our communities. We seek to understand your mission and values, so we can help you create customized Salesforce solutions that enable your vision.

Contact the Redpath team for more information or a consultation about which Salesforce solutions can add the most impact to your organization. When you’re ready to accelerate your mission, we can help you get there with a Salesforce solution.


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