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For many nonprofit organizations, volunteers make up the driving force within your organization. You want to attract volunteers who are passionate about engaging with your organization and guide them seamlessly through the process of becoming a committed volunteer. You might even have a goal of connecting your donors as volunteers, or transforming your volunteers into donors. To accomplish these goals, it’s important that you know who your volunteers are and understand the many ways they can engage with your organization.

Salesforce CRM implementations for volunteer management Redpath Consulting Minneapolis MN

At Redpath, we are the Salesforce partner that takes the time to fully understand your volunteer engagement, management, and reporting needs. We’ll then work with you to recommend and build a solution that’s just right for your organization. For some nonprofits, that means coupling your current volunteer management tool with a Salesforce integration that allows you to view all the ways your volunteers are engaging with your organization, plus finding ways to move them into deeper involvement.

For other organizations, a custom online volunteer portal within Salesforce might be what you need. This can allow your volunteers to connect with you digitally and give you easy access to the important data and touchpoints of their volunteer journey.

CRM salesforce solutions for volunteer management Redpath Consulting Minneapolis MN

With the right Salesforce implementations, Redpath can reduce the manual work needed by staff to track the process of engaging and onboarding new volunteers, as well as simplify and minimize the process of guiding volunteers through your volunteer onboarding processes. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is fully customizable and compatible with other options to create the perfect system that fits your nonprofit’s unique needs.

Fully understanding the impact that your volunteers make on your organization is critical to telling your story. When your donor data lives in the same system as your volunteer data, it’s easy to see and report on all the ways your constituents are connecting with your organization and move them into deeper engagement with you.

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