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Pharmaceutical companies need to focus on two things to be successful — developing the most effective and safest drugs on the market and increasing revenue and shareholder value. From the R&D stage through commercial sales and distribution, Salesforce integration solutions can help. With specialty drugs, where patient support programs are common to assist with medication adherence, co-payments, rebates and more, Health Cloud is an ideal solution.

Salesforce Health Cloud CRM solutions can help you build and maintain strong relationships with your customers. As a Salesforce implementation partner, the Redpath teams can work with your organization to customize a Salesforce system designed specifically to meet your business needs.

custom salesforce solutions for health care redpath consulting minneapolis mn

Create and nurture a stronger pipeline of higher quality leads, guide your reps through sales stages, automatically capture sales activities and customer data and accelerate sales cycles by engaging with customers with the right products at the right time. Enable your team to access customer information, request inventory, close deals and collaborate with product experts from anywhere with mobile solutions.

Specialty medications for complex conditions and critically ill patients are expensive and adhering to treatment plans is crucial to produce the best outcomes. Chronically ill patients don’t have the patience to repeat their information every time they need to reach out to you. Health Cloud was designed specifically to manage patient care and patient journeys, capturing every touchpoint so the care team member interacting with the patient has an accurate understanding of that patient’s history.

Building relationships with your patients allows you to connect with them at a deeper level, collaborating on care plans and solutions where they take an active role in their health and treatment regimen adherence. Better adherence leads to better outcomes, supporting drug effectiveness, increased revenue, and shareholder value — all exactly what you want to deliver as a successful business.

The Redpath team can configure and implement Health Cloud to meet your specific business needs. We can also further improve provider and patient experiences with portal communities to share your product information, create forums and support customer service and self service, further increasing engagement.

salesforce crm implementation for health care redpath consulting minneapolis mn

With Salesforce solutions, all your data is in one place, accessible to everyone who needs it, driving connectivity across teams.

Salesforce Clouds for your business, may include:

  • Marketing Cloud or Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) — Get your messages out and produce the best leads to convert
  • Sales Cloud — Increase sales team productivity and keep your business growing
  • Service Cloud — Offer excellent partner and customer service
  • Experience Cloud — Create customized, interactive, data-driven digital experiences for patients and providers

Integration of data from all these clouds and your other systems onto one industry-leading CRM platform provides leadership with analytics and reporting capabilities on end-to-end performance.

Redpath is your Salesforce healthcare consulting partner that can design and implement a solution to meet the needs of your pharmaceutical organization. See how we can help improve sales team engagement, drive commercial excellence and create customer-centric experiences from anywhere.

Contact us today for Salesforce solutions that fit your needs as a pharmaceutical company.

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salesforce crm solutions for health care and life sciences redpath consulting minneapolis mn


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