Cloudy Presents: Enhancement Manager for Salesforce

Cloudy's RoadmapPeriodic Salesforce projects and ongoing system upkeep are a necessity for any org. Planning, tracking and communication for these efforts are also necessary, but they aren’t always easy!

Spreadsheets, project management tools, emails, meetings and power point presentations line the path to the Salesforce promised land, but a simple and coherent view of that path is not always clear.

To help you on your Salesforce journey, Cloudy is excited to offer a new (FREE!) Salesforce App. This simple app consists of a single custom object, a dashboard, and some (optional) automation to make your Salesforce project planning and management simple and fun!

Introducing: Enhancement Manager for SalesforceHere is Cloudy’s overview of the app, along with some additional resources to help you get started.

  1. Enhancement records: Users, System Admin, and Leaders enter their Salesforce issues, ideas, requests and project requirements in a simple format.Enhancement Record
  2. Once the Enhancement record has been created, Admins use Chatter on the record to communicate with stakeholders, document solutions, and use a “Path” component to track progress toward completion of the request.
  3. The Dashboard presents a dated ROADMAP showing the planned course of Salesforce work, so that anyone can understand what is being worked on now, what is coming next, and how heavy the workload is. Other dashboard components queue up this week’s to-do list, items that are ready to be reviewed and closed out, and completed items for historical documentation.Enhancement_Manager_Dashboard
  4. Reports and list views allow managers to update priorities and understand the Salesforce development forecast and budgeting needs.Enhancement_KANBAN

Cloudy hopes Enhancement Manager will be a great tool to help even more organizations streamline and centralize their Salesforce development plans, ideas and solutions.

To download this FREE app and get started today, use this download link:

Helpful Resources for Enhancement Manager

Demo Webinar: Track Your CRM Roadmap with Enhancement Manager for Salesforce

App Support Documentation and Notes

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Published On: June 3, 2020

About the Author: Stephanie King

Stephanie King is a Senior Consultant at Redpath Consulting Group, Co-Leader of the Twin Cities Salesforce Nonprofit User Group, and has been blogging as Cloudy Cumulus since 2012.