Redpath optimizes CRM collaboration for internal teams with Enhancement Manager for Salesforce®

Status updates, scrum meetings and goal tracking have a unique feel these days, and the approach in how teams are conducting them should be distinctive as well. Redpath is excited to announce Enhancement Manager for Salesforce®, a new, free app dedicated to helping you and your team stay connected and collaborative during this time.

Designed by Redpath, Enhancement Manager provides companies, educators and nonprofits with a central hub where they can capture and prioritize their Salesforce initiatives. Ideal for organizations experiencing rapid change, this out-of-the-box app package includes a custom object, reports and dashboards your organization can install in its Salesforce org and start using in minutes.

Never lose sight of Salesforce initiatives

In addition to capturing all your CRM support items, feature requests and initiatives in one place, Redpath’s Enhancement Manager for Salesforce app simplifies internal CRM plans while bringing added visibility across all levels of your organization.

  • Increased engagement and collaboration. Use the app to keep your Salesforce users in the know on your team’s projects while easily tracking your long- and short-term objectives. You can also include more people in the conversation about your Salesforce plans and capture everyone’s brainstorming ideas and feature requests. Additionally, users can log bugs or questions with the app and then track its status until it’s resolved, increasing adoption.
  • A visualization of your Salesforce Roadmap, directly in Salesforce. The app’s out-of-the-box reports and dashboards enable admins and your leadership to create and visualize their plans for Salesforce right within Salesforce. This allows you to get important information out of your email, where it can easily be lost or forgotten, and create a single source of truth dedicated to your Salesforce innovations.
  • Simplified project management. In addition to being your source of truth, Enhancement Manager guides your Salesforce team or admin in prioritizing projects and assigning tasks to keep everything on schedule. You’ll get dashboard summaries of system work and watch progress toward your goals, so you never miss a milestone.
  • Living Salesforce history and documentation. Your Salesforce changes, requests and plans will live forever when you store them in Salesforce. This means you’ll never again lose context on why a change was made or who implemented the change when you make new additions to your team.

How to get the app

Ready to put the power of Enhancement Manager for Salesforce to work for your organization? Install it for free now.

To learn more and see a demo of the app, watch this on-demand webinar.

Enhancement Manager for Salesforce - Demo Webinar

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