Redpath bolsters client services team with new leaders for enhancing industry-focused strategy

Redpath Consulting Group, a leading provider of transformational consulting services powered by Salesforce, has announced four new appointments forming a new management team to support the firm’s client services arm.

Shelley Lindenfelser, Jayne Corrigan-Monat, Jamin O’Malley and Josh Berrong have each been promoted from senior-level consultants to principal consultants. In their new roles, they will be tasked with leading key industry areas including health, technology, higher education and nonprofit.

The new management team will also support Paul McKeon, client services director, in the strategy and management of Redpath’s delivery teams. This will allow Redpath’s client services department to better serve existing clients through specialized industry teams while helping to manage the firm’s rapid growth in these key areas.

“This is an exciting opportunity for these four, for our clients and for Redpath,” Paul said. “The addition of the principal consultant role will enable us to better focus more on the vital needs of the higher education, health and technology markets. We will also be able to better serve the unique needs of our numerous nonprofit clients by applying two teams to serve this important sector of our business.”

The four principal consultants and their key industry areas are as follows:

Shelley Lindenfelser, Principal Consultant
Health and Technology

Shelley brings more than 10 years of experience in the health industry across the payer, provider and healthcare data management spaces. She excels at partnering with clients to design, enhance and develop innovative business processes and technology solutions. Her proven experience and leadership across the Sales, Service and Health solutions in Salesforce Customer 360 provide a sound foundation for her new role at Redpath. Shelley’s in-depth knowledge of strategic drivers in health and technology makes her the perfect choice to support clients in this business area.

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Jayne Corrigan Monat - Redpath Consulting GroupJayne Corrigan-Monat, Principal Consultant
Higher Education

With a background in higher education and public media, Jayne is a natural fit to assist Redpath’s public and private higher education clients in leveraging technology to accomplish their mission. Jayne believes IT best brings value when it is used as a strategic partner to the organization. She is a six-time certified consultant with eight years working on the Salesforce platform and holds a master’s in information systems from Wright State University.

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Jamin O'Malley - Redpath Consulting GroupJamin O’Malley, Principal Consultant

Jamin is a three-time certified Salesforce consultant with more than seven years of Salesforce experience in consulting and as an administrator from the nonprofit world. Jamin has guided clients through Redpath’s Path to Success and CRM strategy planning as well as provided leadership through full implementations of Salesforce for both fundraising and program management. He will continue to help nonprofits define their CRM vision in his role as principal consultant.

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Josh Berrong, Principal Consultant

A six-time certified Salesforce consultant, Josh also leads a growing team of nonprofit consultants at Redpath. With more than five years experience in Salesforce administration and consulting, Josh has worked with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. He excels at analyzing problems and guiding teams through the necessary steps to drive technology solutions that improve and optimize business processes unique to the needs of nonprofit organizations.

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To learn more about these exciting new roles or to see how Redpath can help support your company’s Salesforce initiatives, contact us today.

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