Using Salesforce to meet the demands of your healthcare business

Healthcare connected technologyBuilding and maintaining a successful healthcare business is a tall order. Relationships are key but how do you grow relationships with your patients when virtual care is becoming more common? In addition, how do you ensure your care team embraces an evolving telemedicine care modality and find joy in their work? The answers to these questions are broad, but one way to best serve your patients and employees is by using a holistic and integrated technology platform like Salesforce.

Salesforce brings a complete patient and member view and intelligent care collaboration for providers delivering customized care plans while ensuring privacy.

Here’s how you can bring these relationships and plans to life.

Enjoy total patient visibility

Salesforce’s Health Cloud suite of features provides your team a 360-degree view of the health needs of your patients as well as their communication preferences and social considerations. This allows you to streamline communications including appointment scheduling, reminder texts and survey email requests in such a way that patients are more likely to respond.

As part of Salesforce you can also use Marketing Cloud to craft personalized patient journeys and engage members through the communications preferences they’ve outlined in your CRM.

Finally, you can use Salesforce to empower patients to take their own steps to improve their results through self-service portals in Community Cloud. You can even build custom mobile engagement apps through Heroku to support patient care.

Reach patients with targeted communications

With patients being bombarded by so much information these days, one of the easiest ways to make your messages resonate is to focus on sending them materials that cater to their specific needs.

Entering patient-specific data into Health Cloud allows you to target patients with communications that not only speak to their exact concerns and conditions but address their own communication preferences as well. This can be a great way to keep patients engaged with your facility during times when they cannot visit.

Total data integration

The patient data logged in your CRM does more than just support your interactions with patients. It can also guide other aspects of your business, including marketing, customer service, administrative data, and physician notes. That is why it is so important to connect referral, eligibility, and claims data from all your disparate systems. Doing so will allow you to extract data from any of these systems to guide future interactions. Call center staffs, for example, can be prompted on the best action to pursue based on inherent data. Care managers can be alerted when patients fall behind in their treatment regimen and providers have a complete 360-degree patient view they can use to recommend future care initiatives.

To utilize your data in your CRM to its fullest, everyone who enters data must be committed to recording this acquired data into your CRM system. This single source of truth will support every facet of your business by ensuring every department is operating with the best information for your business and your patients.

Never stop learning

The healthcare industry is more competitive than ever before and as the industry continues to grow, maintaining your place and actively servicing your patients will depend, in large part, on your continued evolution as a healthcare provider.

Your CRM can support you in this growth beyond the simple application of data you’ve already supplied. You can also utilize your CRM to actively forecast future patient needs and make strategic decisions based on the predictive insights and analytics from the data you’ve entered.

Improving your CRM system to match the needs of today

Whether you’re looking to implement  first CRM system and strategy, or your current solution isn’t operating to the best of its capabilities, Redpath can help. Our team of Salesforce experts can transform your technology solutions to help you serve more people–better and faster. 

Contact us today to see how we can put the power of Salesforce to work for your healthcare business. 

With the rapid evolution of technology, Salesforce solutions are ever-changing and improving features. Contact our team for up-to-date information.

Published On: August 12, 2020

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