Redpath’s Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Redpath stands up for equality

By Paul Selway and James Smale

Community is one of Redpath’s core values. Redpath’s hometown community was rocked to its core when the life of George Floyd was senselessly taken at the hands of police in Minneapolis, just a few short miles from our corporate headquarters last May. For far too long, too many communities across our country have been mourning the loss of our black brothers and sisters, who have died senselessly at the hands of an unjust and discriminatory system.

To our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, team members, families and clients: We stand together with all those in the fight against systemic racism and are committed to doing our part to create lasting change around racial justice and equality.

Redpath firmly believes that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that it is our responsibility to further equality for all. Creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also the smart thing — empowering us to innovate, build deeper connections with our customers, and ultimately become a better company.

We are committed to eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender, age, abilities, race, faith, sexuality or social class. We must focus within our organization—examining and continuously reflecting on how we are doing—and commit to actions that demonstrate we care and are intentional about how we will eradicate bias, both inside and outside Redpath’s walls.

We have work to do and are committed to the following actions:

Redpath Diversity & Action Committee

We’re building on a strong foundation of diversity and inclusion and taking action to do more by forming the Redpath Diversity & Action Committee. Represented by staff from different racial and cultural backgrounds, this committee’s mission will be to guide Redpath forward and commit to a measurable plan to advance equality and diversity within our own culture and business practices. This means examining our hiring process from end to end, ensuring all employees receive equal pay for equal work, increasing formal diversity training for staff, and empowering employees of all backgrounds to elevate their voices and develop their careers through a supportive network of allies across the company.

Recognizing Juneteenth as a paid company holiday

June 19, also known as Juneteenth, is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. While it’s not an official federal holiday, it’s long been recognized in many communities as a day to celebrate, reflect and rejoice on African American freedom.

Starting in 2020 and going forward, June 19 will be a permanent, paid company holiday—giving our Redpath family the space to honor this important holiday in their own way every single year.

Bridging the diversity gap in tech

While our initial focus is inside of Redpath to role model our stance against racism, we are also committed to engaging with local civic leaders, our clients and partners to apply our capabilities and technology to help tackle systemic discrimination.

As a member of the community, employer of people, and provider of IT consulting services, we recognize the importance of increasing diversity in the larger tech industry. Redpath is in the process of formalizing a new internship program to help bridge the diversity gap in tech by using our talents to train and elevate the next generation of Salesforce Trailblazers. We’re also partnering with local organizations to support workforce development and education opportunities for underrepresented people.

Additionally, Redpath provides all employees with paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to give back to their local communities throughout the year as a Pledge 1% company. As part of our commitment to equality, we’re encouraging our staff to use their VTO hours to provide their Salesforce and digital consulting skills to BIPOC-owned/led nonprofit organizations and community groups.

We all have the opportunity to listen more, learn more, and act more to tackle racism and systemic discrimination. Change will take time and it will not always be comfortable, but our collective actions will drive meaningful change.


Paul Selway, President & Co-founder
James Smale, CEO & Co-founder

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Published On: June 30, 2020

About the Author: Paul Selway

Paul is the president and co-founder of Redpath. He works with prospects and customers to help them imagine their future with a Salesforce solution. He was born in England and hails from the Redpath clan in Scotland.