Path to Success Expert Panel: Building Your CRM Strategy

About this Event

Whether you use an integrated platform like Salesforce or a series of spreadsheets, every organization should have a strategy behind their CRM system. That’s why Redpath created the Path to Success, a methodology that aligns your technology roadmap with your business or organization’s vision and mission.

In this live panel discussion, our experts discuss the framework and best practices for how to create a CRM strategy that leads to success. Learn tips to arm your business or nonprofit with actionable steps to create your own CRM roadmap, and align a technology strategy with your 2020 goals.

Our panel of CRM experts

  • Special Guest: Ash SanFilippo, Director of Strategic Initiatives, TreeHouse
  • Paul Selway, Co-founder and Solution Architect, Redpath
  • Jamin O’Malley, Principal Consultant, Redpath

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Published On: November 14, 2019

About the Author: Redpath Team

Our team at Redpath is a unique group of talented professionals who are passionate about leveraging Salesforce to help businesses simplify, accelerate, and transform what’s possible for their future.