Part 2 – Why do 47,000 Nonprofits use Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack?

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) helps nonprofits of any size utilize all of the power of the world’s #1 CRM to manage constituents, programs, and fundraising with ease. In case you missed it, check out Part 1

5. Reduce time and money spent on administrative tasks
Receiving a stack of donation checks in the mail or after a big event is exciting but comes with some administrative tasks that can be daunting. We understand, and fortunately, Salesforce has a variety of tools to minimize administrative time spent on data entry. From NPSP’s quick and customizable Gift Entry to a variety of data loading options, your data entry will be done in no time. And acknowledging those gifts? Utilize Salesforce’s automation tools to complete this for you, often without lifting a finger. Soon you’ll be on to the more impactful work on your list, allowing you to show more value to your donors for every dollar they give.

6. 360-degree view of your constituents, all in one centralized location
You’ve got donors in one database, volunteers in another, and program management in a third system. And what about marketing? With siloed systems, it becomes almost impossible to understand and report on all of the ways one constituent might be engaging with your organization. With Salesforce, you can manage all of this in one consolidated system. Preparing to meet a potential donor? Simply log in and view all of their interactions with your organization in a single view. 

7. Always at the ready reports and dashboards
Does your database admin spend a good portion of their time pulling reports for various stakeholders in your organization? With Salesforce, reports and dashboards are always at the ready. NPSP comes with over 60 out of the box reports to get you up and running from day one and Redpath is ready to help you customize your reports and dashboard needs so the next time you have a last minute request for data, you’ll be ready and waiting to point your users to up-to-date data they can access anytime. Users can even subscribe to the reports and dashboards they use the most. What could you do with the time you would save?

8. Customizable rollups
The power of Salesforce’s customizable rollups are often overlooked. Customizable rollups help you summarize a donor’s most important donation data and put it right on the donor’s page. At a glance, you can view data such as a donor’s year-to-date gift total, their largest gift, and much more.

At Redpath, we’re passionate about the work our nonprofits do in our communities. We’re equally passionate about partnering with you to create a system that allows you to minimize administrative overhead so you can spend more time advancing your mission.

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Published On: September 12, 2022

About the Author: Jen Harnisch

Jen is the Practice Lead for Redpath Consulting’s nonprofit team who is passionate about enabling nonprofit clients to advance their mission through the use of technology. She is a five-time certified Salesforce Ranger who has been active in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2017.