New Guide Available: Increase User Adoption and Productivity with Salesforce Customization

Your Salesforce solution means so much to your organization already, and it always has the potential to do even more. Many organizations only scratch the surface of what Salesforce can deliver because they miss out on exploring customization options.

These options transform Salesforce from a daily operations tool to one tailored solution built to complement and accelerate your unique business processes. From customizing reports and adding fields to implementing custom integrations with the systems you already use, a customized Salesforce solution ensures a simple, sophisticated user experience.

In Redpath’s latest Guide, we explore how Process Builder, custom data models and dashboard creation enables organizations to maximize the value of their Salesforce instance. Plus, learn how customized options help support adoption and get your team working toward greater productivity.

Inside this Guide:

  • Improving your operations with Process Builder
  • Applying custom data models to your organization
  • Tips for creating data-powered dashboards

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Redpath Salesforce Customization Guide

With the rapid evolution of technology, Salesforce solutions are ever-changing and improving features. Contact our team for up-to-date information.

Published On: October 23, 2019

About the Author: Redpath Team

Our team at Redpath is a unique group of talented professionals who are passionate about leveraging Salesforce to help businesses simplify, accelerate, and transform what’s possible for their future.