In Depth with Cloudy: Paul Selway – Founder of Redpath Consulting Group

Paul, what exactly IS is like a “Swiss Army Knife in the Cloud”. It has Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, Data Cloud, and Service Cloud apps that provide a very good starting point for Customer Relationship Management or Call Centers. It also has a database piece that can be used on its own and a platform piece that can be used to customize existing apps or create new ones.
What feature of do you use every day?
 Mobile Chatter. I just love the way that you can follow People, Groups, Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities. It saves me from having to read emails.
What is one of the best parts of your job as a Salesforce Consultant?
Solving business problems. I get a real kick seeing our Salesforce customers taking their business to the next performance level.

What AppExchange App are you trying out these days?

FlipTop Social profiles – I always like to know what a prospect or customer looks like, and it allows me to do a bit of research prior to talking with or meeting them.

Paul, where can our readers go if they have more questions for you?

Well, they can read more about Redpath at, look at our Team Bios, check out my blog, or drop me a line on the Contact Us page.

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Published On: November 16, 2012

About the Author: Stephanie King

Stephanie King is a Senior Consultant at Redpath Consulting Group, Co-Leader of the Twin Cities Salesforce Nonprofit User Group, and has been blogging as Cloudy Cumulus since 2012.