I Didn’t Know I’d Love It

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Bree Maddox, a leader at Redpath Consulting Group shares how she makes Black history every day within Salesforce.org’s ecosystem. As one of few women and people of color within Redpath’s leadership, Bree shares how she uses her agency to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. Redpath is an Equality Partner in Salesforce.org’s Partner Network.

“Not only do I love the work I do and the amazing people I do it with, but I also love that my time is spent making Redpath a more inclusive place that others love too.” – Bree Maddox

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Published On: April 19, 2022

About the Author: Bree Maddox

Bree Maddox is the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Manager at Redpath. Her true passion is making powerful connections, fostering a supportive environment that creates a space for new talent to flourish, and leading the way through D&I initiatives.