4 Tips to Make the Most of Dreamforce 2022

It’s almost September, and that means that all the best Salesforce experts from across the globe are making plans to meet up in the Salesforce hometown of San Francisco for Dreamforce 2022, a 3-day extravaganza happening from September 20-22 that’s part conference, part family reunion, part party, and all unmissable. 

As an attendee, Dreamforce is both exciting and just a little bit daunting. After all, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time spent, right? Here are a few tips to help you make the Dreamforce 2022 experience one that’s unforgettable–for all the right reasons:

  • Plot a path for success

Dreamforce 2022 is a truly massive event with so many options that you may look at a schedule and leave with your head spinning. You almost certainly won’t be able to make it to every single event you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel big-time FOMO: take some time ahead of your Dreamforce trip to look over the schedule and identify the experiences that will be of the greatest benefit to you, the business you’re representing, and your industry. 

If you’re looking for the latest, greatest tech, maybe you’ll plan your schedule around new product launches. Interested in getting inspired by unique thought leaders and Trailblazers? Make sure you block time for the keynote presentations. Got a burning question for your peers and experts? Sign up for the sessions and roundtables that are most relevant to your industry. Dreamforce 2022 is best approached if you choose your own adventure rather than trying to take in every single opportunity!

  • Feed your creativity and follow your curiosity

The best thing about Dreamforce is that it isn’t just another dry conference: it’s meant to be fun and inspiring! While you’re plotting your schedule, it’s easy to prioritize just the sessions and events that are immediately relevant to your work or your industry, but your experience doesn’t need to be that limited. Take a few chances on events that catch your eye and pique your curiosity–even if they don’t seem directly beneficial. Sometimes the greatest personal growth and the most unique professional ideas come when we step outside our comfort zone. 

Of course, it also goes without saying that you need to have fun! Conferences can be tiring, but don’t miss out on impromptu happy hours or the Dreamfest concert (this year featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers!). These are the experiences that bring us together as more than mere professionals, but as friends who can uplift and support each other.

  • Take advantage of Dreamforce Bootcamp

If you’re attending Dreamforce, there’s a good chance that you’re the type of professional who wants to really build their mastery of the Salesforce platform. To help take your skills to the next level, Salesforce is offering the Dreamforce Bootcamp that takes place September 17-19 in San Francisco, right before Dreamforce itself. 

Dreamforce Bootcamp is the fast track to Salesforce certifications intended for those interested in becoming certified as Salesforce administrators, architects, or developers, MuleSoft platform architects, or Tableau data analysts. With 9 different paths developed for your specific role, Dreamforce Bootcamp is a great opportunity to do some powerful professional development before you head into the controlled chaos of Dreamforce itself.

  • Don’t ignore virtual options

Maybe you’re not able to attend Dreamforce in person this year, or maybe you want your coworkers to be a part of the action as well but can’t fly them out to San Francisco. If this is the case, fear not: Dreamforce content will be available on the Salesforce+ streaming platform. It’s free to register, and you’ll have access to big announcements, product launch presentations, keynote speakers, and even parts of the Dreamfest concert. 

While nothing beats the buzz and freedom that comes with attending in person, Salesforce+ gives you the opportunity to experience the best that Dreamforce has to offer from wherever you are.

Bonus tip: Connect with Redpath

Dreamforce is an inspiring event that will leave you overflowing with new ideas–but as anyone who’s attended a big conference will attest, the next challenge is corralling all those ideas and putting them to good use for your organization. Redpath may not be leading any roundtables or breakout rooms this year, but we’ll still have a few friendly faces in the crowd, so if you see us at Dreamforce, say hi! And better yet, reach out to us after the conference for advice on implementing all the new and wonderful information you’ve absorbed. 

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Published On: August 24, 2022

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