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Salesforce Talent Alliance Spotlight: Black History Month – On-Demand Video

Redpath was honored to take part in Salesforce's first LinkedIn Live Spotlight of 2022, Black History Month. Listen and learn from Bree Maddox and Christian Ohonba, Redpath, and David Lopez, Girtly, about how we can create an employee experience that is equitable and inclusive for Black talent. Lily Barker, Talent Alliance will be hosting Thursday, February 24th at 9am PST.

Marketing Automation With Salesforce

Sorry we missed you! We missed seeing you at our in-person marketing automation event. If you'd like more information on marketing automation Salesforce solutions, please contact us! Let's connect to help you solve your business needs. Kindly, The Redpath team Connect With Us! Enhance and automate your marketing with ease! Join us for bagels, fruit, and coffee during this in-person Marketing Automation With Salesforce event on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. A panel of Redpath’s experienced marketing automation consultants will highlight: The differences between email marketing and marketing automation. Salesforce’s marketing automation ...

Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 101

Salesforce announced starting February 1, 2022, customers are contractually required to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) when accessing most Salesforce products, either by logging in to the user interface directly or through single sign-on (SSO). But what exactly does this mean for your organization? Watch our webinar to: Understand what MFA is and how it will impact your organization. Know the deadline for compliance and risk to your organization if you don’t comply. Hear our clients questions and answers. Access the recording now! Watch the Recording

How to Leverage Salesforce for Major Gifts Success

In this recorded webinar, How to Leverage Salesforce for Major Gifts Success, you’ll learn how to improve relationships with your donors and transform your major gifts pipeline by combining the right strategy with Salesforce CRM that puts your donors at the center of your mission. This webinar covers: Understanding the economic importance of creating and managing a successful major gifts pipeline. How Salesforce, when coupled with a proven major donor communication strategy, creates major gift success. How to use data to accelerate authentic and meaningful relationships with major donors. Your org can’t afford another day without new techniques and ...

Salesforce Security Best Practices

Protecting your Salesforce database is paramount, particularly in this time of high remote and mobile usage. There are some simple steps that even the busiest admins can add to their routine to ensure that they are mitigating security risks. Watch this on-demand webinar to uncover the easy, actionable steps you can take to keep your data safe. With 15x-certified Salesforce Architect Karen Kremer as your guide, you’ll learn how to: Develop a consistent, efficient security check routine without overwhelming your workload Protect your Salesforce org from unauthorized users Establish security settings to bar inappropriate org usage Access free resources ...

DEMO: Enhancement Manager for Salesforce

The power to improve your entire Salesforce operation without leaving your CRM, thanks to Enhancement Manager for Salesforce® — a free app from Redpath. Watch this on-demand webinar for a demo on how this new app can help you document, manage and track your Salesforce roadmap and support tickets directly in Salesforce. You’ll also learn how to increase the visibility of your Salesforce initiatives across all levels of your organization and create a living history of your system changes over time. This webinar will demonstrate how Enhancement Manager for Salesforce can help you: Increase user adoption and communication Plan and budget ...

Service Cloud features to start using today

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses are adapting the way they use Service Cloud to better support remote staff while also serving customers. Join Redpath’s leading Service Cloud experts to learn how to deliver more efficient support with Web-to-Case, Omni-Channel Routing, Knowledge and more. See real-world use cases of how these Service Cloud features help: Handle increased case volume with fewer support agents Create seamless case assignment based on skillset and availability Boost productivity for agents working remotely This 30-minute on-demand webinar covers specific Service Cloud features you can use right now to help your business adapt to remote ...

What is GDPR and What Does it Mean for You?

On-Demand Video This event is to explain the new EU legislation that comes into effect May 25th. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a massive change and affects all organizations, even those in the US. If you are actively marketing to or communicating with EU citizens, this event is for you. Vanessa Ruiz, a Redpath marketing automation consultant, will discuss: GDPR overview Does this affect my organization if I am in the US? How is data regulated? What do organizations have to do differently? How to conform to GDPR? Watch now!