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Your University’s CRM Needs Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture

Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture (EDA) is the foundation of Education Cloud. Rather than pairing your Salesforce org with a managed package or creating your own …

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Dreamforce Park 2019 - Redpath

Our Favorite New Products for Nonprofits from Dreamforce ’19

Last month, Redpath joined thousands of Salesforce.org community members gathered in San Francisco for a week of networking, learning and growing together at Dreamforce 2019. This annual conference is always packed with exciting new product demos and announcements, and this year was no exception. Read about some of the most

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Making the most of Dreamforce 2019: 4 tips for nonprofits

One of our favorite events of the year, Dreamforce 2019, is taking place in San Francisco, Nov. 19-22. Dreamforce is the ultimate gathering for all Salesforce communities, especially Salesforce.org. More than 5,500 Salesforce community participants will be in attendance enjoying the 300-plus sessions dedicated to making Salesforce a better, stronger

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Bridging the productivity gap with Process Builder

When it comes to sales professionals, you’d expect they spend most of their time selling the company’s goods and services. It’s logical, after all. But they don’t. Research from Salesforce’s “State of Sales” Report shows surveyed sales professionals spend roughly 36% of their time building relationships with clients and actually

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Salesforce Lightning dashboard sales management

How to create focused, KPI-driven Salesforce Dashboards

Dashboards can’t function without data. But too much data can also make dashboards irrelevant. As Salesforce’s functionality has increased, companies have migrated more and more of their important data into the solution. While this is great for powering valuable insights, the influx of information can also make it difficult to

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The 5 P’s of Selling

What’s your Salesforce solution doing for your company? Is it the true strategic partner you hoped it would be, or is it seemingly nothing more than a glorified Rolodex or list manager? If the latter, you’re leaving value on the table! Research shows that small businesses utilizing Salesforce increased their

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Redpath Expands Client Services Team

Summer 2019 was an exciting time of growth and client progress at Redpath. The success of our customers continues to drive our own success, which has allowed our team to grow and improve our ability to be a leading Salesforce consulting partner. That’s why Redpath is thrilled to announce several

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Salesforce: It’s for foundations too

Nonprofits exist to lift people up and help solve the most difficult problems facing our communities. But to do that, they need the right tools. Foundations in particular face a distinct set of challenges that require multifaceted business management systems to achieve success. Thankfully, Salesforce has the capability to do

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Redpath Names Paul McKeon as Client Services Director

Redpath is proud to announce that Paul McKeon has been promoted to Client Services Director. In his new role, Paul will lead Redpath’s growing team of consultants responsible for delivering tailored client solutions with the highest quality while leveraging the full power of the Salesforce platform. He is also part

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How Salesforce Improves Fundraising for Public Broadcasters

At a time when government funding seems to continually rest on a knife’s edge, public media stations need to raise money effectively to continue their mission. But social media and modern mobile lifestyles mean today’s broadcasters need a 360-degree view of constituents to be successful in their fundraising efforts. Thankfully,

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New e-book on Growing Public Media Reach with Salesforce

The mission of public media is as ambitious as it is challenging. Public broadcasters are required to both reach and engage each local, state, and national audience effectively and efficiently. And as streaming media, podcasts and hyper-tailored content and programming increase, public broadcast media is challenged to not only keep up

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