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Salesforce Talent Alliance Spotlight: Black History Month – On-Demand Video

Redpath was honored to take part in Salesforce's first LinkedIn Live Spotlight of 2022, Black History Month. Listen and learn from Bree Maddox and Christian Ohonba, Redpath, and David Lopez, Girtly, about how we can create an employee experience that is equitable and inclusive for Black talent. Lily Barker, Talent Alliance will be hosting Thursday, February 24th at 9am PST.

Marketing Automation With Salesforce

Sorry we missed you! We missed seeing you at our in-person marketing automation event. If you'd like more information on marketing automation Salesforce solutions, please contact us! Let's connect to help you solve your business needs. Kindly, The Redpath team Connect With Us! Enhance and automate your marketing with ease! Join us for bagels, fruit, and coffee during this in-person Marketing Automation With Salesforce event on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. A panel of Redpath’s experienced marketing automation consultants will highlight: The differences between email marketing and marketing automation. Salesforce’s marketing automation ...

Why Industry Partnerships Need a 360° View

In this recorded webinar, Why Industry Partnerships Need a 360° View, you will learn how Redpath and Salesforce can greatly improve your University’s Economic Development efforts and strengthen Industry Partnerships by enabling: A 360° View of Constituents: Creating a complete view of industry partners, faculty relationships, partners engagements, who is collaborating with them, and more Better Team Collaboration: Easing communication by reducing data silos, streamlining internal team collaboration, and tracking of external collaboration Improved Impact Measurement: Improved reporting capabilities to measure research accomplishments, economic impact of engagements, internal team metrics, and more Access the recording now! Watch the ...