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Free App: Enhancement Manager for Salesforce®

The power to improve your entire Salesforce operation without leaving your CRM, thanks to Enhancement Manager for Salesforce® — a free, unmanaged package app. Designed by Redpath, Enhancement Manager provides companies, educators and nonprofits with a central hub where they can capture and prioritize their Salesforce initiatives. 

Salesforce Guides & eBooks

New to Salesforce solutions? Check out our library of Salesforce guides and eBooks intended to help expand your understanding of what’s possible using the transformative power of Salesforce. From Salesforce success stories to informative guides regarding marketing automation, CRM strategy, Salesforce app deployment, and more, our resource library exists to help your business realize the advantages of working with a premium Salesforce partner.

Redpath Salesforce Customization Guide

Salesforce Customization Guide

Expand your understanding of what's possible with Salesforce. This guide uncovers how to tailor Salesforce to fit your unique needs, increasing user adoption and productivity.

Redpath Path to Success guide

Path to Success: CRM Strategy Guide

Successful outcomes start with a plan. In this guide, you’ll learn more about Redpath’s Path to Success, a proven process for developing a CRM strategy that helps you achieve your goals

Redpath ebook- Expanding donor management with Salesforce and engagement marketing

Expanding Donor Management e-book

This e-book is your nonprofit's guide to learning how to use Salesforce to support your goals to strengthen relationships with your donors and encourage their future support.

Redpath Catching Lightning guide

Catching Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is the future of your CRM. Download this guide today to learn more about how to put Salesforce Lightning to work for your organization.

Nonprofits in the Cloud - Redpath

Nonprofits in the Cloud: Success Stories

Learn how other nonprofits are using Salesforce to meet the demands of their organization and how the technology is benefiting their efforts.

Redpath Salesforce marketing automation ebook download

Growth Acceleration with Marketing Automation

This e-book provides step-by-step strategies to successfully implement a marketing automation solution and maximize campaign results for your organization.

Redpath ebook - Transforming Audience Engagement in Public Media

Transforming Audience Engagement e-book

This e-book explores how Salesforce supports public media organizations in their mission, and enables you to fully engage listeners, viewers and donors.

Webinars & Events

Redpath and Catholic Charities webinar on Salesforce improving the donor experience and streamlining data

Salesforce Improves the Donor Experience and Streamlines Data Entry

Watch a joint webinar with Salesforce, Catholic Charities & Redpath, to learn how Catholic Charities created a 360˚ view of their donors using Salesforce, a connected CRM, and how they deployed a comprehensive technology solution that improved the donor experience and streamlined their data entry process.

Redpath and Veritus webinar on leveraging Salesforce for major gifts success

How to Leverage Salesforce for Major Gifts Success

Join Veritus Group Founding Partner, Richard Perry, and Redpath Consulting Group President and Co-Founder, Paul Selway, for a lively conversation about how you can begin implementing new techniques and tools to enhance your fundraising efforts.

Get a 360 degree view of your partnerships with Salesforce and Redpath Consulting Group

Why Industry Partnerships Need a 360° View

In this recorded webinar, Why Industry Partnerships Need a 360° View, you will learn how Redpath and Salesforce can greatly improve your University’s Economic Development efforts and strengthen Industry Partnerships.

Salesforce security best practices - Redpath webinar

Salesforce Security Best Practices

Watch this on-demand webinar to uncover some easy, actionable steps you can add to your admin routine to ensure you are mitigating security risks.

Salesforce Enhancement Manager demo webinar

DEMO: Enhancement Manager for Salesforce

Watch this on-demand webinar for a demo on how this free app can help you document, manage and track your Salesforce roadmap and support tickets directly in your CRM.

Top Salesforce Service Cloud Features to Start Using Redpath webinar

Service Cloud features to start using today

Join Redpath’s leading Service Cloud experts to learn how to deliver more efficient support with Web-to-Case, Omni-Channel Routing, Knowledge and more.

Redpath Catching Lightning guide

DEMO: Catching Salesforce Lightning

Learn how to navigate your org's transition to Salesforce Lightning Experience, and see a demo showcasing how Lightning will help your organization do more, faster and better.

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Using Content and Tech to Align Sales & Marketing

In this webinar, our panel of experts share how to leverage content and technology to accelerate the impact of a better relationship between sales and marketing.

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What is GDPR and What Does it Mean for You?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has impacted many organizations. If you want to stay ahead of the marketing curve with GDPR compliance, this webinar is for you.

Redpath Videos & Podcasts

Panel Event: Building Your CRM Strategy

During this special event, Redpath’s expert panel discusses the framework behind Path to Success, a methodology that aligns your technology roadmap with your organization’s vision and mission and they offered listeners some key insights to use when building their own CRM strategy. 

Redcast: Migrating to Salesforce Lightning (2-part series)

Ready to finally make the switch to Salesforce Lightning? In this two-part podcast series, Repath Senior Salesforce Consultant Stephanie King discusses why now is the perfect time to migrate to Lightning, and shares simple tips on how to get started. 

Redcast: Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us

In this Redcast episode, Redpath’s Senior Salesforce and Marketing Automation Consultant Vanessa Ruiz shares insights on some of the top things your organization should consider before pursuing the path to marketing automation such as data, strategy and content.

Redcast: Nonprofits and CRM (4-part series)

Learn how  Nonprofits, Foundations and Higher Education organizations can maximize CRM to drive their missions. In this four-part podcast series, we cover the key advantages, considerations and evaluation criteria nonprofits should consider when investing in a CRM. 

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