Our Story

In 2008, two guys by the names of James Smale and Paul Selway were both working on large technology implementations when they began to realize the importance of the cloud. Leaving their jobs at the time, they set out to establish a company based in Minneapolis whose main goal was to simplify business through technology rather than complicate it. And so, Redpath Consulting Group was born. By implementing Salesforce, they’ve been able to help many other businesses, including nonprofits, simplify their business¬†processes by leveraging cloud technology and have gained great partnerships along the way.

More about Our Name

The name Redpath comes from a small village on the border of Scotland & England. Paul Selway, Redpath co-founder, tracks his family origins to this small village. Redpath means “reedy passage,” and in addition, also relates to a coat of arms meaning “Good REDE is the PATH to success.”

Our Culture

What We Value

At Redpath, it starts and ends with our customer’s success. Every day, we strive to become the “WOW!” provider in our industry, and that means doing right with our clients. We know it’s not about Salesforce, it’s about what you can DO with Salesforce. Because of this mindset, we engage our clients with a level of honesty that leads to a win-win solution. That’s what makes us…well, us.

Redpath Pledges 1%

Pledge 1% is an organization that empowers companies to donate 1% of product, profit, and time to improve communities around the world. Their vision is to integrate philanthropy into businesses everywhere.

Here is our pledge:

We pledge to give 1% of product: We give a discounted rate to all nonprofits that we work with – 65 in the past five years!

We pledge to give 1% of profit: We enjoy giving monetary donations to nonprofits as we see first hand the amazing services nonprofit organizations can provide.

We pledge to give 1% of employee time: Each quarter, we do a service project with a local nonprofit. The nonprofit we work with changes each time, but the warm and fuzzies from volunteering are the same.