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Friends of Ngong Road (FONR) provides education and support for Nairobi children living in poverty, so they can transform their lives. With more than 10 years of experience, FONR were early adopters of Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). As the organization grew from its infancy into a thriving nonprofit, they relied mostly on volunteers and ‘tinkers’ to maintain their Salesforce org. Meanwhile, as Salesforce and NPSP matured with new functionality and a new Lightning UI, FONR simply did not have the knowledge or capacity to use these tools. Their challenges included:

  • Inconsistent data tracking strategies over the years meant an inability to report on donors accurately over time. Simple metrics like total gifts and last gift date were inaccurate and unreliable, making strategic donor management impossible. 
  • While they were somewhat aware of data-errors that existed throughout the system, there were no tools or strategies in place to proactively find and address these errors. These errors existed in huge quantities, across all parts of the system, and rendered usability and reporting difficult or impossible.
  • Their org was created by inexperienced admins who did not meet best practice standards for database structure. Staff spent many hours creating critical reports using third party tools, exports, and manual data manipulation, because the metadata infrastructure precluded effective reporting.
  • The organization had not moved to Lightning and were unable to take advantage of new tools included with the upgrade.
  • Ineffective page layouts with many unused or poorly used fields caused wasted time and low user adoption.
Salesforce implementation for nonprofit organizations Redpath Consulting Minneapolis MN

Redpath started with an analysis and recommendations engagement, taking the time to understand FONR both as an organization and their business processes. This included a deep analysis of their existing Salesforce setup and data. After cleaning up their org with strategic fixes and low hanging fruit, FONG is now able to make better use of standard Salesforce and NPSP tools. Redpath worked with FONR to create a system that:

  • Captured 500+ recommendations, categorized by area and priority, so that the org could plan and prioritize immediate and long-term org improvement projects.
  • Implemented two data quality dashboards, and used reports to expose more than 40 categories of bad data to clean up. Coordinated efforts with the FONR team to clean these up using mass-data transformation when possible, and manual effort when necessary.
  • Created more than 30 customized Lightning pages, each tailored to its intended functions and users.
  • Revamped donation and sponsorship tracking from the ground up to meet NPSP standard and best practices as well as business requirements. Migrated 10 years of historical records to the new multi-object structure.
  • Completed more than 350 recommendations, including minor and major revamps of object structures, field types and usage, and data updates.
  • Upgraded to enhanced recurring donations and migrated historical recurring donations.
  • Updated and corrected NPSP settings so that standard rollups, automation, and reporting could work as intended.

“We dramatically streamlined our quoting process and eliminated time-wasters. What took 30 minutes to complete, now takes less than five. With less time spent managing the process, we had more capacity for sales and growth. The proof: our order sizes jumped 20% over last year.”

– Michon Garrett, Operations Manager

FONR users are now experiencing clean, predictable interactions with Salesforce, with reliable results. They are able to understand their donors accurately, and implement strategic fundraising strategies. FONR updated Salesforce org has allowed them to:

  • Keep data quality issues under control, thanks to visibility on data quality dashboards.
  • Report on donor behavior and program results accurately and on-demand with simple reports and dashboards.
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of their donation data entries.
  • Exceed their Annual Appeal goals by more than 20% as a result of accurate and strategic outreach they were able to perform with good data and reports.

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