Strategic Advising with Path to Success

See how Redpath can use data-driven decisions to align
the right Salesforce technology with your vision

As your organization evolves, so must your processes and technology. But how?

Redpath’s Path to Success, helps institutions achieve their vision by leveraging Salesforce technology. Whether you are new to Salesforce or are digitally mature but want to improve the way you think about and use Salesforce, the Path to Success process may be for you.

By taking a people-and-process-first approach, Redpath will work with your organization to:

Gain an understanding of your current technology landscape by working across your team, hearing from members at all levels

Make confident and vision-driven decisions by aligning Salesforce with your vision

Establish your technology blueprint, your Path to Success, that increases organizational alignment, reduces risk, and allows you to plan for implementation, confidently.

Your Path to Success

Our team will guide you through voice of the customer interviews, discovery sessions, and system audits to deliver:

Working together, we will take a thoughtful, thorough, and transparent approach to help your organization adopt a clear vision and plan that enables your people with Salesforce.

Ready to see what’s possible?

We’ll simplify your Salesforce solution, accelerate your mission and transform your organization.


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