Salesforce risk assessment with Redpath


Do you know if your data is secure? Let our experts help.

Schedule time with a certified consultant today for a free Salesforce Risk Assessment.

Your risk assessment is a one-on-one conversation with a certified Salesforce consultant about your security strategy and questions. We listen carefully to evaluate your current security processes and org complexity, so we can recommend the best possible approach and advice to protect your data.

Who is this for?

Our free Salesforce Risk Assessment is designed to help IT leaders and Salesforce admins or anyone responsible for complex customer data. You will walk away with a better understanding of your org’s current security configuration, as well as a tailored action plan for how you will protect your data going forward.

What you can expect:

You will be paired with a certified consultant to support your specific industry or Salesforce needs. After a short discovery call to discuss your goals and questions, we’ll schedule a 1-2 hour virtual meeting to present your customized insights and recommendations. Depending on your needs, we will:

  • Review and analyze your Salesforce org’s Health Check results
  • Demo and help configure key Salesforce security features
  • Provide recommendations for developing a strategy to keep your Salesforce data safe

This free, no-obligation risk assessment is a smart way to learn more about your Salesforce org and find new ways to keep it safe and thriving for your users.

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