Checking Out Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

At Redpath Consulting Group, nearly every Salesforce implementation project we undertake involves some level of mass/broadcast email integration. Our clients come to us seeking a solution that integrates well with Salesforce and that will hopefully bring in other new and exciting features too. However, many of our nonprofit clients — especially those on the smaller- to medium-size of the nonprofit spectrum — have found the more advanced solutions out of their reach.

This summer, Salesforce rolled out a new offering to help our nonprofits grow in their reach: Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits. While still very new, we at Redpath, already see a lot to get excited about for our nonprofit clients looking to do more with their email marketing. 

Those looking to learn more should start by watching the official demo for yourself. The demo provides a high-level overview of this new email marketing option for the nonprofit community. From the demo, you’ll learn the basics like:

  • The super easy-setup process.
  • Email templates customized with your logo and brand colors.
  • Access to first-in-class marketing tools within your Salesforce instance.
  • Fully-integrated marketing platform allows you to build/segment lists based on your Salesforce data.
  • Ability to grow and add more Marketing Cloud features when your nonprofit is ready.

#1 – Simple Setup Process Gets You Running Fast

The Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits’ setup screen is a great gift to nonprofits. Not only does it walk you through the high-level setup steps, but it includes links to help articles, provides Trailhead recommendations and videos to help staff familiar with Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud for NP

Nonprofits with tech-savvy administrators and marketers may be able to take this and set up Marketing Cloud themselves. At Redpath, we are looking forward to how this feature can allow us to spend less time on setup and more on transformational areas like list/data extension configuration or Journeys. Not have a tech savvy staff? We’re always here to help!

#2 – Sample Email Journeys

MC for NP

Marketing Cloud’s “Journey Builder” tool allows you to go beyond simple automations like sending donor acknowledgements after their donation is entered in Salesforce. With Journey Builder, you can send a series of emails to guide your contacts towards a goal, like contributing to a year end campaign. With branching logic, your communication is automatically tailored to your audience’s behavior, for instance, whether they opened or clicked on the last email to guide them down different pathways. Cool, huh?

While Journey Builder’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to use, planning out a thoughtful and impactful journey can be a roadblock for nonprofits of all sizes, and even for-profit businesses as well. This has me super excited about these nonprofit-specific journey templates that are included in Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits to help you get started with marketing automation:

  • Welcome Series for First-Time Donors
  • Recurring Donor Journey
  • Newsletter journey

In addition to the journey templates that are geared to nonprofits, there are also some standard templates that can come in very handy too:

  • Anniversary and Birthday Email Sends
  • Event Follow-up (designed to send different emails to those who attend versus those who don’t)

I see these templates helping nonprofits to better utilize the features they have available, and know they will spark many ideas on how to grow with these features overtime.

#3 – Sample Email Templates

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits includes sample email templates that can be used for stand-alone sends and many are incorporated into the Sample Email Journeys mentioned above. Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits setup even provides a slick wizard for not only importing these templates, but importing them with your organization name, website link, and logo incorporated:

MC for NP

Even if your organization already has an email design set, the templates have some great ideas that you might incorporate into future campaigns. For instance, I love that the first-time donor and new subscriber emails include a link to a survey for the contact to provide more preference and interest information — great idea!

#4 – Assistance With First Data Extensions

Many marketers are used to thinking of simple “lists” as the way to group their emailable constituents for communication, and it can be challenging to get used to the idea of Marketing Cloud’s Data Extensions. Data Extensions are essentially a relational database in Marketing Cloud, constantly syncing with your Salesforce org data to ensure constituents are getting the right messages. With Data Extensions list segmentation can be taken to a new level of personalization.

A very handy feature in Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits is the guidance that comes out of the box for setting up the first data extensions — and likely a key group for nonprofits — all donors.

Interested in learning more about Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits or taking the next step? Contact our nonprofit team today! 

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Published On: November 23, 2021

About the Author: Elaina Buzzell

Elaina Buzzell is a Salesforce Consultant specializing in nonprofit organizations. She is a 5X certified Salesforce and Pardot consultant, with a mission to use her creativity, passion, skills, and experience to help nonprofits expand their reach and improve our world.