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Your audience expects more from your institution’s marketing and communication. Instead of mass emails and websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, they’re looking for real-time updates, timely and useful messages and self-service information at their fingertips.

With Pardot and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce’s marketing automation products, you can move beyond manual email blasts and shift toward relevant multi-channel messaging that meets your constituents where they are in connection to your organization.

Redpath’s marketing automation experts will partner with your team to understand and refine your marketing automation strategy, identify the appropriate Salesforce solution, and implement and support your chosen tool(s).

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Your communication can and should be a valuable resource for your audience, not a notification to be ignored.

Salesforce marketing automation solutions give you the ability to deliver content that is relevant and timely based on audience behavior or criteria, rather than simply waiting for a prescribed time period, as you might in a traditional drip program.

Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder allows you to combine emails, SMS messages, push notifications and more within one automated journey. Pardot’s Engagement Studio seamlessly combines real-time Salesforce data with Pardot messages to optimize communications within an automated program.

Combine your marketing automation tool with Experience Cloud to create a mobile-friendly portal that displays different information for various constituents, whether they’re an applicant looking for upcoming deadlines or an alumnus seeking information about events in their area.

The right Salesforce customization provides your audience with a one-stop shop to get the help and resources they need, when they need them.

CRM salesforce solutions for community engagement redpath consulting minneapolis mn

Consistency builds trust. With Pardot and Marketing Cloud, gone are the days of inconsistent email templates sent from individual staff members’ inboxes.

Create branded templates and share them with relevant teams in order to give email senders flexibility to customize their messages while still maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Get visibility into which messages other teams are sending, and even implement an email approval process with Marketing Cloud’s approval functionality.

Use Salesforce’s real-time reports and dashboards to analyze marketing results and tie message performance back to specific campaigns. Go a step further with Pardot’s A/B testing and email send time optimization functionality, which allows you to automatically send the most effective messages at the best times for individual subscribers.

crm and salesforce solutions for community engagement redpath consulting minneapolis mn

You may be thinking, “Personalized messaging for individual constituents sounds great, but our marketing and communications team is already stretched thin. How could we possibly implement a robust marketing automation tool?”

With Redpath as your Salesforce implementation partners, we will work with your team to identify and prioritize opportunities for automation now and in the future.

These efforts will not only improve your audience experience, but ultimately reduce the time your team spends on manual processes like pulling and importing lists from other systems, creating email templates and scheduling emails.

Redpath’s higher education team has the product and industry knowledge to support you in re-imagining your marketing and communications efforts and setting you up for long-term growth and success.

Contact us today to learn more about how the right Salesforce solutions can grow your engagement with the community.

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