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Simplify, accelerate and transform the lives of the people you serve with Salesforce solutions designed for Medical Devices, Pharma, and Healthcare Providers

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Transformative Salesforce innovations for the healthcare industry

Every patient has a journey that is enhanced by committed healthcare professionals and the best life sciences technology. Redpath-created innovative and scalable Salesforce solutions are delivered using a comprehensive roadmap to help grow your business and provide your patients the ideal experience they deserve along their care path.

Simplify your processes for better patient care outcomes

Using its scalable solutions to create a single source of truth while improving customer well-being, Redpath’s sales, service and marketing cloud expertise can propel your healthcare practice forward.

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Simple, scalable results

Many companies are still mired in unsophisticated, overly complex CRM systems. A Redpath-enforced scalable Salesforce strategy enables your business to grow and make simple, effective improvements to benefit every customer’s journey and deliver powerful results for your business.

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Improved care and customer service

Helping people live healthier lives begins with relationships, so how do you grow those relationships at a time when virtual care and wellness is becoming more common? Redpath helps you overcome this challenge by using Salesforce to craft personalized customer journeys and engage customers in their preferred communications methods. This makes access to care simpler and more affordable while accelerating the delivery of care, all of which improve overall health outcomes.


Instill a single source of truth

Siloed, disparate systems can make utilizing necessary patient information difficult. Redpath helps you select and modify your Salesforce tools to break down these barriers and establish a single source of truth, pulling data from all connected systems to increase your team’s productivity and innovation while improving customer service and satisfaction.

What our clients are saying

“Redpath was invaluable at scoping our project, ensuring we were always thinking two steps ahead, and hitting our timing needs. They are a great partner!"

Mike Smit, Chief Commercial Officer, Galileo

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Why Redpath?

Redpath’s approach to Simplify, Accelerate and Transform, combined with more than 100 years of healthcare and life sciences experience, has uniquely positioned us to help you create simplified solutions that enhance the effectiveness of your business, allowing you to serve more members, improve patient journeys and help people live healthier lives.

Healthcare connected technology

Using Salesforce to meet the demands of your healthcare business

Building and maintaining a successful healthcare business is a tall order. Relationships are key but how do you grow relationships with your patients when virtual care is becoming more common?

Salesforce Customization Guide

Salesforce Customization Guide

Expand your understanding of what's possible with Salesforce. This guide uncovers how to tailor Salesforce to fit your unique needs, increasing user adoption and productivity.

Laptop with stethoscope

Why healthcare providers need a 360-degree view of patients

The face of patient care is constantly changing, and while healthcare providers are often quick to adopt new technologies and procedures to support that care, many still rely on outdated legacy systems to handle patient data.

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