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Salesforce Lightning dashboard sales management

How to create focused, KPI-driven Salesforce Dashboards

Dashboards can’t function without data. But too much data can also make dashboards irrelevant. As Salesforce’s functionality has increased, companies have migrated more and more …

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Computer Microphone

5 ways to reinvent your support team with Service Cloud

In the modern market, email and web options have overtaken in-person communications as the go-to methods to meet customer needs. As such, the business world …

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cloud security key

Better Salesforce security for remote work

Salesforce already utilizes some of the most advanced and sophisticated technology for internet security available today, and we’ve never needed it more. The system is …

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Salesforce security best practices - Redpath webinar

Upcoming Webinar: Salesforce security best practices to step up your admin routine

IT leaders know how important it is to protect both data and users, especially with so many employees working remote and conducting business from their …

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Redpath stands up for equality

Redpath’s Commitment to Equality and Diversity

By Paul Selway and James Smale Community is one of Redpath’s core values. Redpath’s hometown community was rocked to its core when the life of …

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Data governance chain

Salesforce Governance: A Little Order Goes a Long Way

Throughout my career, I have seen many examples of how software governance — or lack thereof — can have a huge impact on a company’s …

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Enhancement Manager for Salesforce app

Redpath optimizes CRM collaboration for internal teams with Enhancement Manager for Salesforce®

Status updates, scrum meetings and goal tracking have a unique feel these days, and the approach in how teams are conducting them should be distinctive …

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globes image

Solving data management dilemmas during mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, no matter the side of the transaction, make for a stressful time. In my career I’ve been a part of each side, …

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digitization image

Accelerating your digital transformation suddenly got much more important

The traditional workday has completely changed, and as employees are transitioning into involuntary remote working, your on-premise infrastructure and systems have quickly become your company’s …

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Redpath a message to our clients

COVID-19: Our resolve to support you remains strong

The news surrounding COVID-19 is still changing daily, and we at Redpath are aware of the impact it has on our clients’ lives, both personally …

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