Catching Lightning: The Salesforce Lightning Experience On-demand Webinar

This event is here to help Salesforce customers navigate the Lightning Experience transition, learn how Lightning Experience can help your organization do more, faster, and see a demo of a recent customer we helped transition.

The new Salesforce Lightning interface was introduced in 2015 and it adds many capabilities to tailor the experience beyond what could be done in the Classic interface. In each new release, Salesforce has solely focused on Lighting enhancements. With the most recent release, we recommend all Salesforce customers transition, or prepare for the Lightning transition.

Why Transition?

  • More control over user interfaces using a familiar drag-and-drop wizard
  • Less clicks and more personalized experience
  • Visualized work with Kanban and Paths to drive next steps
  • Most apps are now Lightning Ready
  • Keeps the higher priorities on top, so teams are not overwhelmed, leading to more productivity
  • Onboard new users faster
  • Access to new 150+ Lightning only features

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