Upcoming Webinar: Salesforce security best practices to step up your admin routine

cloud security keyIT leaders know how important it is to protect both data and users, especially with so many employees working remote and conducting business from their phone. Luckily, Salesforce offers many resources and features to help admins keep their org safe and protect against potential threats.

But staying on top of all the right security audits and checks consistently throughout the year is easier said than done for any busy admin or leader. As your trusted Salesforce advisor, Redpath is committed to delivering simplified, relevant and helpful best practices around Salesforce security.

In an upcoming webinar on July 22 at 11 am CT, Redpath’s 15x-certified Salesforce Architect Karen Kremer will summarize the top security features every admin should know about.

You will learn:

In this webinar, Karen will discuss some of the increased security risks facing admins today and how to adapt Salesforce safety measures to internal changes happening within an organization. She’ll also share simple, actionable steps that can be taken to prevent a data breach or threat. Topics include:

  • How to develop a consistent, efficient security check routine without overwhelming your workload
  • Tips for protecting your Salesforce org from unauthorized users
  • Key security settings to bar inappropriate org usage

How to join

This webinar is open to anyone, but it may be especially beneficial to IT leaders and Salesforce admins who are responsible for both Salesforce data and user management. Register here to join the event live, or get a link to the recording sent straight to your inbox afterward.

Redpath webinar - Salesforce Security best practices to step up your admin routine

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