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Better Salesforce security for remote work

Salesforce already utilizes some of the most advanced and sophisticated technology for internet security available today, and we’ve never needed it more. The system is a veritable treasure trove of any company’s most important data and that makes it target number one for would-be criminals. And they are employing some

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How to gain the greatest benefits from Student 360 – Part 1 of 2

The benefits of Salesforce’s Student 360 for your higher education institution can be considerable. Achieving them, however, isn’t as simple as implementing the Education Data Architecture (EDA) and moving forward. Whether you’re already on your way down your Student 360 path and you’re looking to improve or you’re just getting

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Redpath’s Commitment to Equality and Diversity

By Paul Selway and James Smale Community is one of Redpath’s core values. Redpath’s hometown community was rocked to its core when the life of George Floyd was senselessly taken at the hands of police in Minneapolis, just a few short miles from our corporate headquarters last May. For far

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Cloudy Presents: Enhancement Manager for Salesforce

Periodic Salesforce projects and ongoing system upkeep are a necessity for any org. Planning, tracking and communication for these efforts are also necessary, but they aren’t always easy! Spreadsheets, project management tools, emails, meetings and power point presentations line the path to the Salesforce promised land, but a simple and

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Data cleanup and maintenance made easy with Salesforce dashboards

Maintaining data quality is a universal chore that is pretty easy for any busy Salesforce administrator to overlook. There are just so many reports to click through. Fortunately, though, by creating a data quality dashboard, you can make the monitoring of your organization’s data quality much easier. When building dashboards

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Salesforce Governance: A Little Order Goes a Long Way

Throughout my career, I have seen many examples of how software governance — or lack thereof — can have a huge impact on a company’s success, affecting everything from employee satisfaction to the company’s bottom line. As an ISTJ, I’m a big fan of structure and rules. (I swear, I can

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Meeting the needs of students and higher education with Salesforce

Today, higher education faces challenges unlike any before. Fewer high school graduates, increased job prospects and a weaker international student recruitment pipeline has resulted in declining enrollment at most institutions. The decline in tuition revenue is further compounded by a decrease in state and federal funding towards higher education. Furthermore,

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Three email drip programs your nonprofit should create today

You’ve read about the reasons why your nonprofit needs a marketing automation solution and how to improve donor stewardship with personalization techniques. Now, let’s talk about one of the most powerful features of a marketing automation platform: automated drip programs. Drip programs are an automated series of emails sent on

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