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7 Steps to Getting the Most From the 2021 Salesforce Education Summit

Salesforce’s first-ever Education Summit (formerly Higher Education Summit) in 2012 was my first professional conference in my career. The presentations showed me what was possible …

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Salesforce Lightning dashboard sales management

How to create focused, KPI-driven Salesforce Dashboards

Dashboards can’t function without data. But too much data can also make dashboards irrelevant. As Salesforce’s functionality has increased, companies have migrated more and more of their important data into the solution. While this is great for powering valuable insights, the influx of information can also make it difficult to

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Path to Success: What’s In It For Me?

You may have questions on customer relationship and data management, marketing automation, and how best to implement software to drive results for your organization. Thinking about getting an integrated CRM? Already have Salesforce? Not sure what’s right for you? You’ve come to the right place. At Redpath, we are passionate

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Why CRM is Important for Medical Device Manufacturers

Many medical device manufacturing companies begin as small start-ups and grow exponentially.  During that rapid growth period, the focus is on their manufacturing process – improvements for more consistency, higher quality, and meeting ever-changing regulations.  Often for start-ups, a full-blown CRM solution just isn’t practical given priorities and funding challenges.

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Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships Quote

Driving Research & Innovation with Salesforce

The University at Buffalo Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships (BEP) office connects academia, industry, and entrepreneurs to collaborate on R&D, commercialize new technology and provide access to talent pipelines. The team builds public-private partnerships that support new discoveries and market opportunities that positively impact society. THE SUCCESS SYNOPSIS  The University at

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Computer Microphone

5 ways to reinvent your support team with Service Cloud

In the modern market, email and web options have overtaken in-person communications as the go-to methods to meet customer needs. As such, the business world is now fixated on creating easy-to-access solutions in the cloud. If you have Salesforce, you already have access to out-of-the-box functionality that can be used

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cloud security key

Better Salesforce security for remote work

Salesforce already utilizes some of the most advanced and sophisticated technology for internet security available today, and we’ve never needed it more. The system is a veritable treasure trove of any company’s most important data and that makes it target number one for would-be criminals. And they are employing some

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Data governance chain

How to gain the greatest benefits from Student 360 – Part 1 of 2

The benefits of Salesforce’s Student 360 for your higher education institution can be considerable. Achieving them, however, isn’t as simple as implementing the Education Data Architecture (EDA) and moving forward. Whether you’re already on your way down your Student 360 path and you’re looking to improve or you’re just getting

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