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Simplify your application review process with Admissions Connect – Part 2

Let reviewers focus on applicants, not technology In part 1 of our Admissions Connect blog series you learned about the features of Admissions Connect that …

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Stay up-to-date with all things Salesforce by checking out our latest and greatest blogs and articles. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge on the capabilities of Salesforce implementation or simply want to learn more about the importance of CRM, marketing automation, and more, our blog has something for just about everyone.
Marketing Cloud for NP

Checking Out Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

At Redpath Consulting Group, nearly every Salesforce implementation project we undertake involves some level of mass/broadcast email integration. Our clients come to us seeking a solution that integrates well with Salesforce and that will hopefully bring in other new and exciting features too. However, many of our nonprofit clients —

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ASL Par 2

Part Two – Teamwork = Success in Accounting Subledger Set Up

In our previous blog, we mentioned that future scheduled or written off Payments could be communicated to the Finance Team.  Accounting Subledger also transforms the Opportunity, Payment and General Accounting Unit Allocation Salesforce data into Ledger Entries the Finance Department can use for importing into their system. #1 – Accounting

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Elevate Blog updated

10 Ways to Elevate Your Fundraising

Digital fundraising is essential to success. But making it as easy as possible for people to support your organization isn’t necessarily easy—for them or for your staff. Taking donations over the phone, manually entering payments, or processing refunds and recurring donations can all be time-consuming tasks. Today’s donors have come

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What is Health Cloud and What Makes it Unique?

Salesforce has cloud solutions for many industries and Health Cloud is one of their newer cloud offerings. Health Cloud is a CRM built specifically to address the needs of the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry. While Salesforce’s Sales and Service Clouds are built to manage relationships with customers, Health Cloud

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4 Easy Salesforce Security Measures to Implement Today

4 Easy Salesforce Security Measures to Implement Today

With all of the sophisticated tools available to enhance your Salesforce org’s security — like Shield, Security Center, and vulnerability assessments — it can be easy to overlook the basics. It’s important to conduct regular security reviews, both on a technical level within your Salesforce org and on a policy

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Salesforce Admissions Connect technology streamlines recruitment process

Improve your admissions process with Admissions Connect — Part 1

Your applicants deserve a better experience Now more than ever, it’s imperative for your college or university to eliminate barriers to the application process and foster a positive applicant experience. This means ensuring that your application requirements are clear, your application tool is accessible, and applicants get their questions answered

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Laptop with stethoscope

Why healthcare providers need a 360-degree view of patients

The face of patient care is constantly changing, and while healthcare providers are often quick to adopt new technologies and procedures to support that care, many still rely on outdated legacy systems to handle patient data. The result is a missed opportunity to obtain a holistic view of patients and

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Salesforce Lightning dashboard sales management

How to create focused, KPI-driven Salesforce Dashboards

Dashboards can’t function without data. But too much data can also make dashboards irrelevant. As Salesforce’s functionality has increased, companies have migrated more and more of their important data into the solution. While this is great for powering valuable insights, the influx of information can also make it difficult to

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