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Redpath is a Salesforce.com Gold and Salesforce.org Premium partner. We’ve worked with more than 350 enterprise, mid-size, and nonprofit organizations since 2008.

Before you automate your marketing, read this!

By |2016-02-02T00:36:24-06:00February 2, 2016|

Let me begin by saying that automated marketing is a remarkable thing. As a marketer and a consultant myself, the ability to step away from a computer and watch leads generate ...

Marketing Automation: How to Nurture Leads Episode 4

By |2014-09-04T22:29:02-05:00September 4, 2014|

The main purpose of marketing automation is to automate the touches necessary to A) keep your company top of mind with a prospect with personalized content when the sales/marketing teams ...

Marketing Automation: Pardot + Gmail Episode 3

By |2014-08-13T15:54:31-05:00August 13, 2014|

If you are familiar with the way that Salesforce for Outlook works, the Gmail extension for Pardot Chrome and Firefox works the same way. Just like sending emails out of ...

Marketing Automation: Auto What? Episode 1

By |2014-08-01T15:39:41-05:00August 1, 2014|

Welcome to a new series about marketing automation! Now that we are a Pardot partner, we can no longer keep our knowledge to ourselves. So, this series is to share ...

What is Marketing Automation?

By |2013-06-26T19:12:27-05:00June 26, 2013|

Why should I be interested in Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a critical component to building a healthy revenue engine: use digital automation tools to amplify your marketing message measure ...